Stevenage Sports Acrobatics Club
Stevenage Sports Acrobatics Club

Training Sessions


Preparation Squad 10-11am , 11am - 12pm and 12pm - 1pm

This squad is for beginners aged 5 and over , gymnasts start work on the British Gymnastics core proficiency awards 8-1


Development  & Intermediate Squad 11am- 1pm

This squad is for more able gymnasts , gymnasts continue with the British Gymnastics award schemes as well as start competition work.


Advanced Squad 1pm - 3pm

This squad is for competitive gymnasts, who take part in County , Regional and National competitions



Intermediate /Advanced squad 6.00 - 8.00pm 

Development Tumble squad 6.00-8.00pm



Development squad  6.00-8.00pm

Senior Tumble Squad 6.00-8.00pm



Intermediate/Advanced squad 6.00-8.00pm

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